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New Theme

Because of Google limiting search results on web sites that are not responsive in nature, I had to change my theme. I’ll be customizing it over the next week or so, but this is what the site will look like for a while. If you spot anything broken or just completely out of whack, drop me a line.

My Comments Runneth Over

Mike over at Campaign Mastery is having some issues with his comment system on his web site. I tried to post a rather lengthy response to his Table Runneth Over post, and we realized that his comment system is broken. While he’s working on getting that issue resolved, I emailed him my comments, just so he could see my more in-depth feedback. While Mike’s working on restoring full operation to his site, he put my comments up as a post of its own over at his site. You can check out what I had to say over on his site.

Many thanks to Mike for taking the time to put my comments up on the his site, and we all wish him the best of luck at conquering the evil technology goblins that have infested Campaign Mastery’s comment system.

Colorado Flood Relief Bundle

I’m not sure how I missed this until now, but there is a Colorado Flood Relief Bundle over at DriveThruRPG. While I’m in Colorado, the floods barely affected me (some landscaping damage, big whoop). Many people are now homeless, have massive property damage, or have lost loved ones due to the flooding that happened recently.

The bundle runs $20, and you’ll land almost $300 worth of goodies. It’s a good cause and you get some really great stuff in there. I just read through the list of stuff in the bundle, and there are tons of great titles in there. I think the thing I’m most looking forward to reading after downloading everything is the ICONS stuff.

Late Watching Wednesday

This post is a few hours late because what I’ve been watching is the Black Forest Fire just outside Colorado Springs, CO. The fire started roughly 9 miles south of my house. It’s now roughly 3-4 miles from my house. It’s close enough and moving fast enough and moving erratically enough that my house is in the mandatory evacuation zone.

That’s right.

I’m out of my house at the moment.

That’s right.

I might never return to the same house I left.

In the rush of the evacuation (even though we were prepared and knew it could most likely arrive), I had no time to pack my books. Carting my books requires a large truck (which we don’t have) and many hours of packing them, even when doing so quickly.

This means my lifetime of almost 40 years of collecting novels (which started when I was 7) and my lifetime of collecting RPGs (which started when I was 10) and my career of collecting technical book (which started when I was 23) are at a high risk of turning to ash.


That’s okay.

Somehow, I’m at peace with this thought. Obviously, I don’t want to lose everything I have spent so many decades putting together.

Why does this not bother me?

Because all of the important things in my life have been evacuated with me. My wife, son, pets, photos, yearbooks, hand-written RPG notes, computers, backups (hard drives, CDs and flash drives), and family memorabilia are all away from the fire and safe with me at a friend’s house.

We’re in good shape. Many others are not.

Please send out your prayers, good thoughts, positive karmic vibes, or whatever else you believe in to those who have already lost so much, and those that are certain to lose everything. Most importantly, please take a moment of your time to send good will and prayers to the brave first responders that are battling this blaze around the clock. They need it more than anyone else right now since they’re the folks that are charging headlong into situations a sane person would flee from.

I’ve already collected four links for the Friday Five, and I figure at least one more great post will pop up between now and Friday night. I should have a Friday Five for everyone out there in the RPG blogosphere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this brief interlude in our normal RPG talk.

Always starving,


No Posts This Week

Heya folks. I have a huge conference hitting this week. I’m doing quite a bit of volunteering, presenting, moderating, hosting and other duties at the conference. This means I won’t have time to collect links for the Friday Five. During the times that I normally do my posts for Watching Wednesday or the Friday Five, I’ll either be driving people around town to get them from the airport to the hotel, or I’ll be in the hotel bar having a few drinks.

Regular programming will resume next week.

Have a great week!

News Flash: Villains & Vigilantes

I’ve followed this story a little here and a little there because it’s hard to get the information. It’s not really CNN front page news, ya know?

It looks like a judge has ruled that the creators of Villains & Vigilantes, Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, have had the copyright of V&V reverted back to them after Fantasy Games Unlimited folded ages ago. They’re free to republish, expand, market and produce material for the game they created back in 1979.

Congrats, guys!

D&D Classics Purchases

As most everyone in the RPG blogosphere knows, RPGDriveThru launched yesterday. The site got crushed and took a while to recover, but they made a valiant effort and had the site back up and running (though a little slow) by mid-afternoon.

As soon as I was able, I jumped into the site and made some purchases. Here’s what I picked up…. Click the images to go the purchase pages.

B1 - In Search of the Unknown

B1 – In Search of the Unknown

T1-4 - Temple of Elemental Evil

T1-4 – Temple of Elemental Evil

G1-2-3 - Against the Giants

G1-2-3 – Against the Giants

D1-2 - Descent into the Depths of the Earth

D1-2 – Descent into the Depths of the Earth

D3 - Vault of the Drow

D3 – Vault of the Drow

Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Q1 – Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Note: The G, D, and Q purchases were part of a bundle package.

I can’t wait to see what else hits the store that I may want.

Dyson’s Delves

Lookie at what arrived in the mail last night! I knew I had a box in the mail when I got home, but I was running late for an improv writing session with some friends. It totally slipped my mind until just a few minutes ago. I tracked down the box, saw “Lulu” on the shipping label and immediately knew what was inside. After tearing the box open, I was pleasantly rewarded with this:

Dyson's Delves, Limited Edition

Dyson’s Delves, Limited Edition

It’s a great looking book! The maps are crisp and clear, and I love the fact that there are pages on the opposite face that allow me to scribble notes of my own about the maps. That’s pure genius! While I haven’t read through the full dungeon delve included in the front of the book, I’ve skimmed it. It brings me back to the golden age of role playing (at least, my golden age!) in which the main point of the game was to rack up kills, maintain HP levels, grab as much gold as possible and dodge the wandering monsters. That’s classic goodness there! There are also little hints here and there that a good GM can exploit to create some very interesting role playing moments.

To say I’m pleased with my purchase is putting it lightly. It’s good stuff all around. I also noticed that the bottom of each page is labeled “Volume 1 – Page X”. This makes me hopeful for a volume two, and three, and four….

You can find out more about the book here, and Dyson’s Dodecahedron (the blog portion of Dyson’t efforts) can be found here.

Good luck with your sales Dyson, and I hope for many more volumes of your wonderful work!

I’m Back!!!

The project that’s been sucking my time away from me is almost complete. My part is 99% done, so I’m able to return to my regular routine of reading RPG blogs, making bookmarks and reporting on what I find. I’ll also be able to delve back in Birthright and the Free RPG Day offerings.

I know. I know. I promised reviews of these materials months ago, but when life catches you by the short hairs, you listen… or else!

I want to thank everyone that still has this blog in their RSS feed. I told you I’d be back, and I am.

Now go confirm a critical against the dragon. I’ll be here to read about it.