Welcome to My New Endeavor


My name is Hungry. I like to eat role playing games as a hobby. No. Not the books. I enjoy consuming different systems, taking in their tastes and analyzing their flaws, strengths, differences, spices and, most of all, any unique hints of creativity they may have.

If you want to join me in my culinary treks through role playing geekdom, feel free to follow my RSS feeds, or visit the site regularly. I’ll take you through some history of role playing as well as samplers of fresher tastes that you may enjoy along with me.

Sure, there are going to be some sour patches in the otherwise sweet world of role playing, but I test those out as well. Don’t worry. I won’t hold back. I’ll glad let you know when and where I find a poor tasting system or environment for role playing.

I hope you enjoy your time with me.