Artifact Tuesday: Carpet of Lordan 2

The Carpet of Lordan also goes by the name of Lordan’s Hole because of the strange properties of the carpet. If the carpet is placed just inside the threshold of an established house, anyone entering the house with ill will towards the occupants of the house will fall through the carpet and be trapped in what they perceive to be a hole roughly fifteen feet deep and eight feet in diameter. While in the “hole” they will not grow hungry or thirsty, but will become incredibly bored. Any attempts to be summoned out of the hole will fail, as will teleport attempts.

The truth of the matter is the person is trapped in the weaving of the carpet as an image on the surface of the carpet. Careful inspection of the top of the Carpet of Lordan will reveal tiny figures embroidered in the carpet. The only way to free a person from the carpet is to find the loose thread in their image and start pulling. When the thread finally comes loose from the rug, the person will appear on the ground beside the carpet.

If the thread is cut loose from the surface instead of unravelled, the person in the hole will be torn asunder, and will probably be killed. It takes thirty cuts to free all of the thread, and each cut causes 1d8 points of damage to the trapped person. It is possible to survive this if the trapped person is hardy enough, but this is rare.

To destroy the carpet, a person must roll it up, place it in a bag of holding and then throw that bag of holding into a portable hole. The resulting astral explosion will destroy the carpet and the two magic items. Anything within thirty feet of the explosion will be sucked into the astral plane. Anyone standing within sixty feet will suffer 3d10 points of damage.

The downside to placing this carpet in one’s home is that it drives the owner of the home insane bit by bit. The particular insanity is paranoid schizophrenia. They begin to turn on their friends, family and are violent towards strangers as the voices of the people trapped in the carpet whisper to the owner and tell them to trap more people in the carpet.

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