Artifact Tuesday: Spear of the Elven Forests 2

This is a day late, but not a dollar short. This is a D&D 4th Edition artifact complete with stats and powers. This is the first time I’ve done this in the D&D 4th Edition system, so bear with me if it’s a little wonky. I’ve only made full-blown artifacts in 2nd and 3rd edition of (A)D&D.

Spear of the Elven Forests: Epic Level Artifact

The Spear of the Elven Forests is a +5 Phasing Spear. Yes, I know spears are not ranged weapons. See below for why it can be thrown.

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.

Critical: +5d6 damage.

Property: Can be thrown like a javelin or used in melee combat. It returns to your hand after being thrown.

Property: You can speak and understand the Elven language and read Elven runes.

Property: Your ranged attacks with the weapon ignore the penalty to attack rolls for cover or superior cover.

Power (Daily — Martial, Weapon): Standard action. You can use blade cascade (ranger15).

Power (Daily): For every die you roll for damage, the target bleeds that many points of damage as ongoing damage. Save ends the bleeding effect.

Goals of the Spear of the Elven Forests:

  • Protect Elven forest lands from deprivation and deforestation.
  • Slay as many Orcs as possible.
  • Uphold the honor of the Elven people.


  • Starting Score: 5
  • Owner gains a level: +1d10
  • Owner is an Elf: +2
  • Owner completes a quest on behalf of the Elven people: +1
  • Owner kills an Orc tribal leader or mystic (max 1/day): +1
  • Owner or ally attacks an Elf (max 1/encounter): -2
  • Owner disobeys a direct order of Elven rulers: -2

Pleased (16-20)

The Spear continues to talk as if Satisfied, but compares the owner with Elven heroes of lore. The Spear tells many stories about the Elven heroes.

Critical: +6d6 damage

Property:+3d10 damage vs. Orcs

Power (Encounter — Martial, Weapon): Standard Action. You can use knockdown strike (ranger, 13)

Special: The owner may speak with animals at will.

Satisfied (12-15)

The Spear is giddy with the owner and will rarely shut up about how wonderful the owner is.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. You can heal yourself or an ally within throwing range of the Spear as if spending a healing surge without the expenditure of a healing surge.

Normal (5-11)

The Spear is talkative and friendly to the owner in an attempt to show it is on the side of the owner.

Unsatisfied (1-4)

The Spear grumbles with the owner and constantly berates it in Elven until the owner gets its act together.

Special: The Spear loses the Phasing ability.

Angered (0 or Lower)

The Spear is ominously quiet with the owner and radiates a severe sense of displeasure.

Special: The owner suffers a -4 to all nature rolls. All attack and damage rolls are at a -5.

Moving On

When it is time to move on the Spear simply flies from the hands of the owner, and into the skies to be recovered by someone else in greater need of the artifact.

2 thoughts on “Artifact Tuesday: Spear of the Elven Forests

  1. Rhianni Jul 9,2009 11:25 AM

    The 4ed artifact rules are extensive and kind of a pain to create. However I think the concordance and stepped power levels really adds some nice roleplaying options and once designed, the implimentation of the artifact is better then previous editions. Its also a nice way of letting the GM bring in an artifact at lower levels without destroying their campaign by being too powerful.

  2. Hungry Jul 9,2009 11:37 AM

    I’m still a big fan of the second edition rules for artifacts. I guess that’s because I created enough of them over the years to be very familiar with the rules and how to customize artifacts for the groups.

    That’s not saying I don’t like the 4e version of the rules. I actually liked them quite a bit. However, it does require knowing all of the powers of all of the classes in order to build exactly what you want to build. That’s lots of knowledge to pack into one’s head.

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