Artifact Tuesday: Nail of Baphomet

Sorry for the brief artifact this week. I’m at a conference for work this week, and have very little spare time for a proper post. Please forgive me. I know I could have written this in the past and scheduled it for release on the proper date, but my preparations for the conference ate all my time before leaving. I’ll try to make it up to you with better artifacts in the future.

This reddish-yellow nail clipping is rumored to be taken from Baphomet by a lucky strike with a vorpal weapon. The nail clipping can be placed in the middle of a trap or pit and animals will always fall prey to the snare. The more animals caught with the Nail, the more bloodthirsty and meat-hungry the PC will become until they have taken on the aspect of a raging berserker. If the Nail is held for too long, the PC will slowly begin to transmogrify into a minotaur and become a demon-beast under control of a demon lord, perhaps Baphomet.

If the holder of the Nail merely traps and slaughters animals for the sheer enjoyment of doing so, the Nail will abandon the PC. When the Nail leaves the PC it will merely vanish from whatever pocket, pouch, purse or other container the Nail is kept in.

To destroy the Nail, it must be soaked in holy water blessed by a priest of Bahamut, and then struck with a Hammer of Thunderbolts.