Free RPG Day Review: Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary

Today’s review is of Paizo’s Bonus Bestiary for their Pathfinder system. If you don’t know what Pathfinder is, I strongly suggest you go check it out. It’s well worth your time. I can’t wait for the full system to be released.

Free RPG Day 2009 - Pathfinder Cover

Free RPG Day 2009 - Pathfinder Cover

The Bonus Bestiary just wet my appetite even more for the release of Pathfinder. I’ve downloaded the beta, and the quality of the game is top-notch. The Paizo crew really know their stuff. Heck, they did Dragon and Dungeon magazines for years. They should know what they are doing with role playing games.

Back to the Bonus Bestiary…. There are 13 different monsters in full detail with excellent illustrations (except for the Faerie Dragon, which is very cartoonish). The production value of this book is very high, and I didn’t find a single thing I would change about the text or stats provided for the monsters. This is what I’m looking for in an RPG book. Something I can buy, skim/read and put to use in the next session without too much work or effort. I’m a busy guy and I don’t have time to ponder over things too heavily and munge with published stats that should otherwise be usable.

Grade: A+ — Paizo obviously knows the 3.0/3.5 system very well and has made it even better with their Pathfinder efforts. Good job, guys!