Artifact Tuesday: Cloak of Roc Feathers

Cloak of Roc Feathers: Heroic Level Artifact

The Cloak of Roc Feathers is a simple cloak adorned with the feathers of a Roc.

Item Slot: Neck
Property: You gain a +4 to AC.
Property: You gain the ability to fly with a speed of 30 feet per round.
Power (Daily — Arcane, Illusion): Minor action. You can use blur (wizard, level 10).

Goals of the Cloak of Roc Feathers:

  • Rescue and save as many innocents from danger as possible.


  • Starting Score: 5
  • You gain a level: +1d10
  • You rescue an innocent from danger: +2
  • You kill an innocent person: -4

Pleased (16-20)
The Cloak’s feathers glow with a soft light and shimmer in darkness.

  • Power (Encounter – Martial): Minor action. You can use shake it off (warlord, level 2).
  • Power (Daily – Healing, Martial): Minor action. You can use stand tough (warlord, level 6)

Satisfied (12-15)
The Cloak flutters in an unfelt wind.

  • Power (Encounter – Martial, Weapon): Standard action. You can use leaf on the wind (warlord, level 1).

Normal (5-11)
The Cloak hangs from your neck and will occasionally flutter in the wind.

Unsatisfied (1-4)
The Cloak hangs limply from your neck.

  • Special: The Cloak no longer grants a bonus to armor class.

Angered (0 or Lower)
The Cloak wraps tightly about your body and refuses to turn loose.

  • Special: You no longer gain the ability to fly using the cloak.

Moving On
When it is time to move on the Cloak detaches from your neck, and flies off on the winds of fate to find another bearer.