Burn Notice vs. Top Secret S/I 3

I’ve been hooked on Burn Notice on USA Network since day one. It’s in its third season, and I highly recommend the show for any role player. It’s a great example of how clear thinking can overcome incredible odds. It’s more than just a natural 20 on a bluff or diplomacy check. It goes to show that a great plan of action can pull the PCs butts out of the fires the GM puts them in.

The show has inspired me to dust off my complete collection of Top Secret S/I and see if I can emulate the show to some degree. I’ve always run TSS/I games in the past with the players being active ORION agents, but thinking about the game from a different angle, I can totally see how the game would be just as fun with a burned or retired set of agents. Loads of fun.

Now to see if I can convince my group to do something “a little different,” but first I need to put some thought into a campaign arc.

3 thoughts on “Burn Notice vs. Top Secret S/I

  1. Chuck Jul 31,2009 7:09 AM

    Love Burn Notice. We’re playing a Shadowrun campaign and I’m playing Micheal Weston type character (burned by the megacorps). It’s been great fun.

  2. Thasmodious Jul 31,2009 7:23 AM

    That does sound fun, a whole team burned and dumped somewhere. Give you a lot of options for adventures from a GM perspective.

    I’ve only recently got into Burn Notice, during winter reruns of season 1 and 2, then started watching it weekly in season 3. Really like the show, very clever righting, interesting characters, and Ash!

  3. Leonardo Jul 31,2009 9:51 AM

    “Fiona likes to test relationships with the emotional equivalent of artillery fire”.

    My favorite quote from the series 🙂
    Perhaps the best game to emulate Burn Notice would be Primetime Adventures.

    Anyway, if you like Burn Notice I suggest you may want to also check out Touching Evil, the US version, starring Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Donovan himself. It’s very different from Burn Notice but I think it deserves much more credit than it got (it was canceled after the first season).

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