Friday Five: 2009-07-31 2

A friend of mine suggested I start doing a “Friday Five” which contains the five top blog articles about role playing that I’ve seen during the week.

So… here is the first Friday Five for Ravenous RPG.

Don’t make the PC’s ride your newbie railroad!

This is a great article by newbiedm that speaks to one of the great fears I have of all new GMs which is, “Will they railroad me into the ground?” I’ve been fortunate to avoid many railroad situations, and I’ve walked away from more than a few games because of this. If all GMs, or aspiring GMs, would read this article, the role playing community would be that much stronger.

Epic Words, Obsidian Portal, and MyDndGame Compared

This is a great review of three different services. It doesn’t really make any decisions for you, but it does give you clear and concise information about all three on-line services to allow you to make your choice. I don’t use services like these, but after reading the article, I think my choice would have to be Epic Words. It just has the right feature set for how I run my games.

DM Tips for Restarting a Retired Campaign

I don’t know how often a group resurrects a dormant campaign, but I’ve done this quite a few times. Sometimes after just a short hiatus, and other times it was a lengthy absence. I wish I had this article in past attempts to restart a game.

Hands On: Monster Builder Beta

This is a great review of the D&D Insider Monster Builder Beta. It comes complete with step-by-step instructions on creating a monsters and screenshots to boot! Very well done, Critical Hits!

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With 4E: Adventure-Length Effects

While most, if not all, games I run last over a long period of time, so the advice here doesn’t hit too close to home for me. However, I do like the idea of negative effects that last over a long period of time, but not ones that require an extended rest to recover from. I can totally see using this in future games of mine to add some more flavor and uniqueness to the game.

Epic Words, Obsidian Portal, and MyDndGame Compared

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2009-07-31

  1. newbiedm Jul 31,2009 3:44 PM

    Hey, thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!

    Yes, railroading is a horrible thing to do to your players, new DM’s… don’t do it!

  2. Hungry Jul 31,2009 4:04 PM

    You’re welcome, newbiedm. Keep up the good work on your blog and I hope to see many more of your articles to make my Friday Five.

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