Artifact: Boots of Mighty Travel

Boots of Mighty Travel: Paragon Level Artifact

The Boots are a pair of worn, yet rugged, boots made of leather and cord.

Item Slot: Feet
Property: You gain a +2 to speed.
Property: You gain a +4 AC bonus.
Property: You gain a +2 Item Bonus to Athletics checks.
Power (Daily – Martial): No action. You can use hunter’s grace (ranger, 12).
Power (Encounter – Martial, Weapon): Immediate Interrupt. You can use wrong step (ranger, 11).
Power (Daily – Martial): Standard action. You can use momentary respite (ranger, 16).

Goals of the Boots of Mighty Travel:
* The Boots wish to see and travel as many lands as possible.
* The Boots drive you to assist any and all travelers.


  • Starting Score: 5
  • You gain a level: +1d10
  • You travel to a new land never explored before: +2
  • You assist a traveler in need of help: +1 (Once per week)
  • You spend more than a week in a single location: -1 (per week stationary)
  • You impede the progress of a fellow traveler: -1

Pleased (16-20)
The Boots meld into your skin and almost become one with your feet.

  • Power (Encounter – Martial): Immediate Interrupt. You can use leaping dodge (rogue, 16).
  • Power (At-Will – Martial): Move action. You can use great leap (rogue, 2).

Satisfied (12-15)
The Boots soften and form a closer bond with your feet.

  • Power (Daily – Martial, Stance): Minor action. You can use undaunted stride (ranger, 10).
  • Power (Encounter – Martial): Move action. You can use ignoble escape (rogue, 6). (No training in acrobatics required.)

Normal (5-11)
The Boots keep your feet warm and dry at all times.

Unsatisfied (1-4)
The Boots tighten on your feet and make it difficult to walk.

  • Special: The Boots no longer grant a speed bonus.
  • Special: The Boots no longer grant a bonus to Athletics.

Angered (0 or Lower)
The Boots cramp your feet and impede your movement at all times.

  • Special: You gain a -1 penalty to speed.

Moving On
When it is time to move on the Boots will simply fade from around your feet to find new lands to roam.