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Here is this week’s Friday Five:

Running your large D&D party

Another entry by newbiedm! His blog posts are consistently of high quality and very well thought out. In this case, the post contains a ton of great advice on how to handle a large D&D party. Of course, the suggestions can be applied to any game system. If you have more than 5 or 6 players at the table, then it’s time to follow newbiedm’s advice and take control of the game in an organized manner.

Gaming on the Cheap

This is a post my wife needs to read! It goes to show how inexpensive gaming can really be for the hours of entertainment a group can garner from role playing with a minimal outlay of cash. I’m sure we’ve all see the “ultimate gaming table” that costs thousands of dollars. While that’s a gamer’s wet dream, it’s not necessary. As a matter of fact, there are lots of things that I spend my gaming money on that are not necessary to make the game more fun. This blog post gives you some tips and tricks to save some green.

But my father was a blacksmith! – Crafting in 4E

Every game system should have non-combat, non-adventuring type skills. Period. You just can’t make a well-rounded, fleshed out character without them. D&D 4E is lacking in this department in a serious way. I once had a (mostly) retarded dwarf who drew chalk pictures of things he killed. It was a role playing thing. I took the artist skill and rolled my dice with each picture. I would celebrate my “masterwork” art pieces and berate myself (in character) for being a pathetic artist when the d20 showed a low number. This blog post went straight to my heart and explained how to add crafting and craft-related skill challenges into D&D 4E.

Treasure Parcels

This blog post explains how treasure parcels are supposed to work in D&D 4E. I still long for the “Treasure Type C” days, even though the treasure seemed arbitrary for the most part. It was the excitement of not knowing if anything of quality (or sometimes anything at all!) would show up based on the die rolls. With treasure parcels, things are supposed to work more fairly, which I can agree with even if the “slot machine” feel of treasure is worked out of the equation. Despite the DMG’s best efforts, I didn’t quite get treasure parcels. I guess my brain cells didn’t catch it right. After reading this post, parcels make quite a bit more sense to me.

One Shot, One Kill

While the system over at Key Our Cars is a little cumbersome, it does allow for the quick dispatch of a single sentry who is just there to make life a little (not lots) difficult for the PCs. While I call the system cumbersome, it is less hefty that all-out combat, so it is an improvement on forcing the PCs to roll initiative in order to slit the throat of that lone sentry. I like the system quite a bit, and will probably pull it out of my hat when the time comes. It’s definitely a good one. I think part of the cumbersomeness of the system is the reliance on the coup de grace mechanics of D&D, and that’s something Wizards of the Coast has never made easy for the PCs or the GM to remember.

There you have it! Another Friday Five in the books. Have a good weekend everyone, and we’ll see you next week.

But my father was a blacksmith! – Crafting in 4E

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  1. newbiedm Aug 7,2009 3:38 PM

    Hungry, thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying the posts.

  2. Rob a.k.a. A Hero Aug 7,2009 11:17 PM

    I am glad you liked my post on crafting using skill challenges. I think adding crafting back to D&D 4e (using my system or one of their own design) really fills a need for a lot of people.

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