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You may notice this is a day late. I’m finally over my illness, but now I’m playing catch up. Things should return to normal next week. Now for this week’s Friday Five!

How to improve your DMing in 12.5 seconds

This is some great advice from Yax. The simple saying he starts his games with really helps put the players into a cooperative mood. Not just cooperating with each other, but with the GM as well.

Cool Is Not Necessarily Fun

Telas has some more great advice to any GM that’s experienced or starting out. Some of your cool ideas might turn into cool role playing situation or campaign ideas, but some of them might not. Always examine your inspirations from the point of the view of the players to make sure they hold water.

Has Your Campaign Stalled?

Wimwick has some great ideas on how to inject new life into an old campaign that might seem to be getting long in the tooth. This is a great read that I highly suggest all GMs taking the time to read and ponder over.

Game Starts In One Hour And You Aren’t Ready

Wimwick made me laugh with the title of this blog post. Mainly because I’ve been in that situation way too many times. I’ll have to admit that I’ve taken all four routes to escape being unprepared, though the cancelling the session is a rare on for me. I’m usually more than willing to wing it if I have to.

10 Character Concepts You Don’t See Every Day

Janna has some great words for every player to read. I’ve fallen into the cliche trap way too many times over the decades, and I know I’ll be stealing some ideas from her blog post to avoid that in the future.

That’s the Friday Five for this week. This is the first time newbiedm hasn’t made the list, but he’s been strangely quiet this week. Something about GenCon getting in the way of his posting schedule. Lucky guy!

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