Artifact Tuesday: Slippers of the Silent Night

Slippers of the Silent Night: Heroic Level Artifact

The Slippers are made of the finest silk with a thick pad of cloth on the bottom to protect the wearer from sharp items on the ground and to silence footfalls.

Item Slot: Feet
Property: You gain a +2 Item Bonus to Stealth checks.
Property: You gain a +2 Item Bonus to Thievery checks.
Power (Encounter – Martial, Weapon): Standard Action. You can use king’s castle (rogue, 1)

Goals of the Slippers of the Silent Night:

  • The Slippers wish to divert as much wealth as possible from the wealthy to the poor.
  • The Slippers wish to assist as many downtrodden and enslaved people as possible.


  • Starting Score: 5
  • You gain a level: +1d10
  • You free a slave or prisoner: +2
  • You move at least 100 GP worth of valuables from a wealthy person to a poor person: +1 (Once per week)
  • You steal from a poor person: -1
  • You are responsible for the imprisonment or enslavement of a person: -2

Pleased (16-20)
The Slippers massage your feet with pleasure at your accomplishments.

  • Power (At-Will – Martial): Move action. You can use shadow stride (rogue, 10).

Satisfied (12-15)
The Slippers keep your feet at a comfortable temperature at all times.

  • Power (At-Will – Martial): Immediate interrupt. You can use chameleon (rogue, 6).

Normal (5-11)
The Slippers pad your footfalls even in the most difficult of situations.

Unsatisfied (1-4)
The Slippers loosen their bonds on your feet and threaten to fall off.

  • Special: The Slippers no longer grant a bonus to Thievery checks.

Angered (0 or Lower)
The laces on the Slippers knot around themselves impeding your steps.

  • Special: The Slippers no longer grant a bonus to Stealth checks.
  • Special: You gain a -1 penalty to speed.

Moving On
When it is time to move on, the Slippers fall from your feet and run off into the distance outpacing even the fastest sprinter.