Friday Five: 2009-08-21

Adventurer’s Vault 2: Overview and Item Sets
Adventurer’s Vault 2: Immurements…

These two posts by Dante over at Stupid Ranger really got me excited about Adventurer’s Vault 2. So excited that I ran out and bought the book the same day of his second post. I’ll be flipping through the book over the weekend, and will most likely post a review of my own come next week. If you’re on the fence about picking up “yet another equipment book”, I’d suggest you read Dante’s posts on the matter.

Challenge and Complexity Does Not Equal Drama And Action

Here is a great post from John Arcadian over at Gnome Stew about making the game a little more lively, a little more heart stopping and lots more interesting for the players. If you find your games and challenges to be a little blah, then head over to Gnome Stew to learn a recipe for livening things up!

The 10 Freakiest Facts You Never Knew about Gelatinous Cubes

This is a downright hilarious examination of gelatinous cubes. If you need a good belly laugh, head on over to Janna’s post at the Dungeon Mastering Blog.

Has Your Campaign Stalled? (Part 2)

More great advice from Wimwick about how to unstall a campaign before it crashes and burns. I reviewed Part 1 last week, and this week’s continuation of the theme is just as good (if not better!) than the first installment.