Artifact: Dagger of Darkness

Dagger of Darkness: Paragon Level Artifact

The Dagger is a large sliver of obsidian with a leather wrapped hilt. The Dagger glows a soft purple light when exposed to moonlight.

Item Slot: Weapon
Property: You gain a +4 Item Bonus to Stealth checks.
Property: You gain the Rogue ability to Sneak Attack. If you already have this ability, then your damage dice is increased by one (d6 becomes d8, d8 becomes d10, etc.)
Power (Encounter – Martial, Weapon): Standard Action. You can use unbalancing attack (rogue, 13)

Goals of the Dagger of Darkness:
The Dagger wishes to end as many lives of sentient beings as possible.


  • Starting Score: 5
  • You gain a level: +1d10
  • The final blow in the death of a sentient creature is dealt with the Dagger: +2 (Once per week)
  • You accept the surrender of a sentient being: -2

Pleased (16-20)
The Dagger pulses with great power in your hand and feels warm to the touch.

  • Power (Encounter – Martial, Weapon): Standard action. You can use dragon tail strike (rogue, 17).

Satisfied (12-15)
The Dagger vibrates slightly in your grip.

  • Power (Encounter – Martial): Minor Action. You can use hide in plain sight (rogue, 16).

Normal (5-11)
The Dagger feels like a piece of inanimate glass in your hand.

Unsatisfied (1-4)
The Dagger issues pin pricks of pain into your hand while wielding the blade.

  • Special: The Dagger no longer grant a bonus to Stealth checks.

Angered (0 or Lower)
The Dagger slips from your hand at every opportunity.

  • Special: The Dagger no longer grant a bonus to Sneak Attack
  • Special: You gain a -1 penalty to attacks even when not using the Dagger.

Moving On
When it is time to move on, the Dagger will attempt to embed itself into the current owner with a single thrust before fading from view.