Dropping Weekly Artifacts 1

Creating a new and inventive artifact each week takes me too much time, and I feel like the items are below my normal creative standards. I had not done any D&D 4e artifacts when I came up with the idea, and I didn’t realize how formulaic they were. It’s just not exciting for me to do them. I remember my days of playing AD&D 2e in which artifacts were much more dynamic and exciting… or maybe I just remember it that way. Since my heart is not into doing artifacts, I’ll find something a little different to do to fill the dead air.

However, I will continue to do the adventure hooks on Thursdays as those are quite fun to do and I feel the gaming populace at large can get something out of them.

One comment on “Dropping Weekly Artifacts

  1. Rhianni Sep 18,2009 1:54 PM

    I can totally understand that Hungry. On one hand I really like the 4th ed artifacts in how they grow and exert their will. They feel like true artifacts now instead of +6-+10 bonus in the old system.

    However yeah the mechanics just get out of hand.

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