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PC Transformations: Or How Gandalf Became A White Wizard

There are always new supplements coming out for the current games. This is a boon and a bane. The boon is new ideas are always flowing into your game. The bane is that the game is not static enough to keep players content. They’re always wanting the latest and greatest classes, races, prestige classes, cybernetic enhancements, prestige classes, feats, skills, spells, powers and so on. How does a GM handle the influx of new ideas into an established game without disrupting the game? There are several thoughts on the matter, and DNAPhil over at Gnome Stew has a solution for you. Go check it out!

Bringing Back the Magic

Stop introducing boring magic items into your game! Give them a back story, a purpose, a history and some character. This seems to only be done with artifacts in most D&D games, but there’s no reason that “long sword +1” can’t be called “Bartuk’s Blade of Bane” with a good story behind it. For more ideas on how to do this, head on over to D20 Source and check out their post.

Tie Their Hands and Steal Their Swords!

Are your PCs walking through everything you throw at them? Having a hard time challenging them without reducing yourself to throwing in the Tarrasque, his big brother and ancient mother at them? Take some of their items from them! Have their vital gear stolen or reduced to nothingness, and wrap an adventure around the process of them returning themselves to former glory. More details can be found in the post over at Dungeon Mastering.

Treasure and Mesopotamia

Gygax and Arneson pulled from great amounts of myth, folklore and history to create their rich and detailed worlds. It looks like Chgowiz is doing the same for his campaign setting. I really love the detail he goes into in his research and what he exposes on his post over at his blog. If you’re into the historical aspects of gaming (even just a little) then I highly recommend his brief writing on the topic.

DM’ing Thoughts

Key Our Cars has a great post on the basics of GM’ing a game. If you can get these foundational elements into place, then the rest of your efforts should fall into place nicely. For the full list, go visit their site!

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