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The six of us (5 players and 1 GM) got together Saturday night to create Pathfinder characters for the newly starting campaign. Usually, when we start a new game everyone comes to the table with an idea of what they want to play. In this case, only one player had a solid concept and the rest of us sat around the table staring at each other with blank looks. It took a while of leafing through the books, character traits PDF and player’s guide PDF before things started to gel.

I was trying to sit back and decide last because I wanted to create a character that would merge well with the rest of the group. I didn’t do that in the Rifts game, and it caused tons of contention between Eric and me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that option on Saturday. I had to help get the ball rolling. Kelly was waffling between playing a rogue or a paladin. I think she was hooking more into the paladin idea, but didn’t want to create a character that would be at odds with the rest of the group. At this point, the GM said that not all paladins have to be lawful good, but can match whatever alignment of another god if the player chose to do that. This freed up Kelly to lean stronger towards a paladin.

What finally tipped the balance was the fact that I told her that if she played a paladin, I would play a cleric of the same god. We settled on Abadar, the god of cities, wealth, merchants and law. We decided to focus on the wealth part since both of our characters were from wealthy families. Nat, at this point, picked up rogue as her class and decided to, I think, worship Abadar as well since she feels that he will help guide her character to the greatest wealth.

Once I chose cleric, Rhonda decided to dive into her ranger class choice now that she knew we had a healer. I think she wanted to play a front-line fighter all along, but was afraid of the lack of healing that would be coming her way.

In the end we ended up with:

  • Bill – The Gamemaster
  • Eric – Wizard (Conjurer specialty)
  • Rhonda – Ranger (Bow specialist)
  • Kelly – Paladin of Abadar
  • Nat – Rogue
  • Me – Cleric of Abadar

I don’t have a full character background written up just yet, but I’m working on it. I tend to do this with most of my characters. It helps me know them better. However, one thing I’m going to latch onto is the 1st edition AD&D cavalier ideal of having the best armor at all times. This doesn’t mean the best AC, but the best looking. That means that I’ll choose mundane full plateĀ  over half plate +4 because full plate just looks that much better.

As the game progresses, I’ll be giving a report of how things go. I probably won’t be doing a full campaign log, but my impressions of the game flow and how well the system works (or doesn’t).

As far as the quality of character creation goes in the Pathfinder system, I really like it. It’s quite simple and flows very well. Of course, I’m an experienced gamer, so this is usually true of most systems. However, I was reading the book from the eye of someone that had never played before, and I’m still impressed by the clarity of the rules and how well written everything is. This is definitely a game that could be tossed into the hands of a total newbie and they would be able to pick it up quickly if they had half a brain to work with.

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