Friday Five: 2009-10-02

Another Friday in the books. Another week of blogging about role playing games. I’m sorry my comments are so brief this week, but it’s late, I’m tired, and it’s been a really long week for me. I’ll let the articles I link to speak for themselves (for the most part.)

1976 OD&D Articles by Gary Gygax and Len Lakofka Available

This is a great list of some great articles by The Man himself. Thanks to Randall for finding and posting these links!

Exclusive Interview: That Guy

Don’t be That Guy! Ever! Head over to RPG Blog II to find out more about That Guy.

Quick lessons from the Heroic tier, and looking ahead…

Newbie DM has some great DM tips for all game systems, including his favorite, 4e D&D.

Defining Goals

Everyone has goals. The players should have goals for their characters. Their characters should have goals. The GM should have goals as well. John Arcadian over at Gnome Stew has some great info on how to go about establishing these goals.

Deep as a Puddle: Characters and Culture

Scott Martin, also at Gnome Stew, has some wonderful words about establishing, creating and modifying cultures and how to present the wealth of information that is in the GM’s head to the players.