Friday Five: 2009-10-09

Steal Smart: The Series

Out of ideas? Afraid of running dry? Need some inspiration? Do it the easy way… steal something from someone else!

Ask The GMs: “Let’s Split Up.” – “Good Idea, we can do more damage that way!”

Mike and Johnn over at Campaign Mastery have some great advice and words on how to handle parties that like to split up. I’ve been through this a great number of times as a GM and a few times as a player. I always enjoy it as a GM, but rarely as a player. I think the best handling I ever did of this situation was to have both groups stumble into separate fights at the same time. I drew out two sections of the cavern, one for each group. Then I had everyone roll initiative, and I ran it like one big fight, but the two separate groups couldn’t help one another. It worked out quite well and kept everyone entertained since there was very little downtime between the two groups. It also showed them that splitting up in the Temple of Elemental Evil was a bad, bad thing.

5 Tips to Handle NPC Followers

Jonathan Drain has five quick pointers on how to integrate NPCs into your party’s make up. The best pointer is, of course, the first one. If you can follow that one, the rest should fall into place.

Warstories: Second-guessing the DM

Warstories from NewbieDM is a great idea for a series, and I wish I had thought of it. Ah well… Maybe next time around I’ll get the idea first. Either way, this is a great tale of how a player tries to take over the GM screen. Make sure to check out the comments on how different people handle different situations.

The “Secret” of Naming

What’s in a name? Quite a bit actually. In my upcoming series about mapping I chose the name “Murinae” for the world. Mainly because it sounded feminine (I’ve always like female names for worlds) and I didn’t think it had been used anywhere. I was right that there was no fantasy element to the name, but it turns out it’s a large family of rodents from the Old World. Oops. That’s OK. I’m sticking with my name because it sounds cool. For more inspiration about picking names, head over and see what Grognardia has to say about his techniques.