Friday Five: 2009-11-06

Campaign Starts

How do you start your campaigns? There are a slew of options out there, but some of them are trope and have been done to death. Key Our Cars lists off some of the “done to death” ideas, and has a fresh perspective on how a campaign should be started.

Stunt Doubles for Absentee Players

Have missing players quite often? Don’t want to resort to playing board games on your RPG night? Me neither. Want to play someone else’s character while they’re gone? Me neither. Here’s an idea to keep some of the power levels in the group up while players (and therefore characters) are missing from the game.

Get a Real Job

What does your character do for a living? “Goblin Slayer” usually isn’t on someone’s resume. What do your characters do during downtime? GURPS has the best system I’ve seen to date on how to handle character income from a “real” profession between adventures. I’ve used it in the distant past with some good results. I’ve even had some players want more downtime between adventures in order to accomplish professional goals for their characters. Ameron has some thoughts on the concept as well. Go check them out.

Your Expectations Lose To Player Participation

Don’t run the game you expect to run. Run a game your players will want to participate in. How do you do that? Patrick, over at Gnome Stew, has some good ideas on the matter.

The 4 Stages of Magic-Users

This post made me laugh, so it made the Friday Five for today. Not only is the post funny, it’s also incredibly accurate. Go see what RPG Blog II has to say on the matter. It’s a quick read, I promise.