Saturday Six: 2009-11-14

I broke with my habit and did not post yesterday in order to bring you six links today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

Christmas Morning on the Battlefield

Treasure. Who doesn’t like it? I know I love it. With each monster I kill, it’s like Christmas morning when you get to open presents. You never really know what you’re going to get. For Scott’s take on the matter, go check out his lengthy post. I can’t do it justice by summarizing it here.

NewbieDM Tutorial: The Battlemap, a guest post by Jonathan Roberts
NewbieDM Tutorial: The Battlemap Part II

Two links for the price of one! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love maps. The more maps I create, purchases, own or imagine, the happier I am! The map making tips shown over at NewbieDM’s site are phenomenal, and I may try to put some of them to use to make my maps more eye catching and appealing.

Turning D&D 4e’s Economy on its Head

D&D economics have always been as strange and fantastic as the monsters included in the various bestiaries around the publishing world. Most players pay it no heed and just roll with the craziness. Chatty DM doesn’t seem to like this very much, and if you’re of a similar mindset, then head over to his site and check things out. You’ll be quite pleased with his ideas.

Serve up your D&D with a side dish of red herring

Mislead your players. Lie to them. Send them off on wild goose chases! So long as they have a good chance of catching up with the Bad Guy in the end of the adventure/story/campaign, they’ll love you for it and have great stories to tell. Want to know more? Head over to The RPG Athenaeum to see what they have to say there.

Go ahead and roll

Advice to the players: Don’t jump on your dice too quickly because the GM might be ready to give you a freebie. It’s great advice with a great story behind it. For more details, check out RPG Diehard.

The Decamer Campaign: Start with D&D’s 10 Stupidest Monsters…

I included this link over at Gnome Stew as the bonus sixth link (OK, if you’re counting, it’s actually the seventh link of the post) because the post is downright hilarious. I don’t agree with the concept of how to start a campaign. I think a campaign idea should be more fleshed out and inspired than picking 10 monsters you love to hate and running with them. However, Marting’ s write-up is great, but not safe for work or small children. Click the link above with that warning in mind.