Friday Five: 2009-11-20

This has been a great week for RPG posts in general. I usually struggle to get five candidates for the Friday Five each week. However, this week I have ten to choose from that I bookmarked throughout the week. I’m running short on time today, so my summaries will be brief. As always, follow the links for more details.

NewbieDM Tutorial: The Battlemap Part III

As you know, I love maps, and this is the third part of NewbieDM’s ongoing tutorial about making some awesome looking maps. I have my own Fractal Terrains/Campaign Cartographer tutorial in the works. I have tons of screen shots, but have yet to put together the text that goes with them. While you’re waiting for me to get my act together, check out the third part.

The great escape: designing scenarios for imprisoned characters

This post inspired this week’s Adventure Hook, so go see what go in the crook of my mind and gave me some inspiration.

World Building 101: Effective Campaign Briefs

I love home-brewed worlds. I like playing in them, and I especially love running them. I’ve added this post to my permanent list of bookmarks for the next time I have to run someone through my own world setting.

Something silly

Chgowiz calls this silly, but I think it’s a great idea. His post is brief and links to the Diablo item name generator. I love these kinds of things because they can inspire so much creative thought just based off the name of the item.

The Five Maxims of the Dungeon Master

Follow these five rules of game mastering and you’ll be the better for it. So will your gaming group. Good stuff here.