Adventure Hook: The Woods

Today’s adventure is inspired by a fellow writer of mine. I’m blatantly stealing an idea from one of his short stories. He’ll probably never see this since he doesn’t role play, but thanks to Hank anyways.

This can apply to pretty much any setting, so I really like it. It has a fantastical element to it, so a world with some kind of magic would be preferable. However, there may be some perfectly reasonable scientific explanations for the unfolding events.

There is a wooded area in the middle of town and it suddenly explodes into exponential growth. It starts by consuming nearby buildings and blocks. As it grows, it throws forth spores and pollen in massive amounts. When the blasts hit vegetation, those plants begin to grow at a maddening pace. The entire town is being consumed. Any structures that are made of wood start to sprout new growth from the old, dead wood.

What are the PCs going to do about it? Do they need to venture to the center of the woods to find the source, or is the source external to the woods? Is this even something that can be stopped, or do they just need to wait it out and rescue any innocents caught in the path of the growing woods?