Tales from the Table: Pomek the Speedy

Pomek was my D&D 3.0 Elven Monk. He was the highest level character I’ve ever had. I managed to get him to 13th level before the “great domination” by an evil spellcaster brought the campaign to a screeching halt. I have quite a few stories about the hapless monk and his friends, but I’ll just share one with you today.

While roaming through goblinoid-infested woods, we were ambushed by some hobgoblins. The leader had some boots of speed on and used them to great effect during the fight. We ended up killing all but the leader, and he cowardly (and intelligently) ran away. Even with his boots of speed, he couldn’t out pace Pomek. My unlucky Monk caught up to the vile creature and the one-on-one fight ensued along with lots and lots of bad die rolling. I had hasted myself through a potion, and the hobgoblin used the haste power from his boots. Between his dual wielding and my flurry of blows, we were throwing enough attacks to bring down a small village in seconds… if we could only hit!

The fight drew to a close when I fumbled, rolled on the fumble chart, and critically hit myself in the head, knocking myself out. About that time the rest of the party closed in on the scene of the fight and the hobgoblin ran off into the woods to never be seen again. I finally came to with the comment, “Damn, that hobgob was good!” After that fight, Pomek decided hastes threw off his perfectly timed and well trained attacks. He forwent hastes from that point on… to much greater success.