Friday Five: 2009-12-18

Shopping Spree!

Ever had a full game session eaten by the PCs shopping with their new found wealth? Yeah, me too. As a player, I get my shopping done fast and out of the way and then I wait for the rest of the players to finish off their stuff. As a GM, I tend to sit back and make notes and plans while answering minor questions such as, “Is X magic item available?” It’s all fairly easy. It’s also fairly boring and tedious. Ho hum. Perhaps there is a better way to do it. Check out what Nicholas has to say on the matter.

Revealing the Exotic

What strange and exciting items in your game? Then make them rare and hard to get. It will make the players want them that much more. Go see what Johnn has to say on the matter.

World Building 101: Campaign Bibles and Scope

More links about campaign bibles. Why? Because I feel they are just that important. More details about what kinds of information you should be packing in your world bible.

Johnny’s Five – Five Reasons To Give Your Group an In-Game Sponsor or Patron

The reason I’m linking to this story is that I’ve done this with groups before. Several times, actually. It works out quite well. It gives them all a common leader, a common thread and a source of information, goods and adventures. If you never “sponsored” a group before, then check out the post to learn more details.

Adventuring Under the Sea

I’ll admit that I’ve never run a long-term game under the seas or oceans. I have done some adventures with water areas or small plot arcs under water, but never a whole campaign. I’m not sure how that would work out, honestly. It seems like lots of effort to me, but the advice from Nicholas may help you out some.