Tales from the Table: Pomek vs. the Crunchy Ones

Another tale from the table about Pomek. Pomek was my elven monk that I played in a D&D 3.0/3.5 campaign. As I’ve said before, he’s the most powerful character I’ve ever attained, and have quite a few tales about his exploits. This is one of them.

We were exploring a cave system full of elementals, demons, cultists and these strange ant-like creatures. I forget the name of the creatures now, but Pomek was having a rough time hitting the various Bad Guys in the cavern. He came to call it the Cursed Cavern because of this. As a player, I knew it was simply bad die rolling and I knew my luck would eventually turn for the better.

It did.

When we first encountered the ant-creatures, I was taking up the rear guard. The rest of the party charged into combat against the Bad Guys after they had thrown some stone spears in our general direction. I had quite a bit of distance to cover to enter combat, so I pulled out my extra monk movement and charged. I managed to, in addition to the charge, hit for critical damage and destroyed the thing I had hit. It was a glorious moment for Pomek. The rest of the fight went just the same way. I rolled 19s and 20s for my to hit rolls and managed to roll out near max damage for each strike. I unleashed my Flurry of Blows time and time again and hit with them all. The fight was very brief and in the end, I had killed 90% of the Bad Guys all on my own.

It was wonderful. It was exhilarating. It was a great time!

We ran into more of the ant-creatures in the Cursed Cavern, and my dice remained hotter than ever. I flew right through them, and we started making running jokes that my thunderous blows would tear right through anything with a chitinous covering. I really wanted to make my way to a sea short and track down some mutated, gigantic crabs and lobsters to make a living as a fisherman.

The moral of the story: When your dice are sucking for you, just stick it out. Eventually, they will turn in your favor and make for a great story.