Friday Five: 2009-12-25

Merry Christmas, Everyone! I’m short on time tonight (as it is almost tomorrow), so I’m jumping right into the list for the week.

The Gates of Adventure!

When mid-to-high-level PCs start roaming the world, they abandon their trusty steeds and turn to the nearest teleportation device/spell or the closest portal or summoning circle for getting from point A to point B. This is just a given fact, and it drives some GMs madly insane. If you’re one of those GMs, then check out the post over at Dungeon Mastering.

Giving 4e an Old School Feel

I saw the title of this post come across my RSS feed, and my knee jerk reaction was, “Impossible!” I went ahead and read the post, and my reaction is now, “Maybe, but it’s tons of work. Why not just play OD&D or AD&D (1st edition, of course) if you’re so desperate for that old school feel?” Go see what caused me to soften my reaction a little.

Bringing on the next generation, Part Two: Gamemaster Mentors

Are you just getting started at GMing a game? Perhaps you’ve been a long time player and want to dabble in the realms of running the game instead of just a single character. If you have that itch that needs to be scratched, go see what they have to say over at Campaign Mastery on the topic of starting out as a GM. It will save you tons of heartache, time and energy.

Christmas Wishes From RPG Publishers

This brief post over at RPG Blog II had me rolling on the floor next my desk. I couldn’t catch my breath due to my hysterical laughter. Why was I laughing so hard? Click the link and find out!

Greatest Hits 2009: What’s a +1 Sword?

I’ve mentioned Legends very briefly before. In that game, there is no such thing as a “+1 sword.” They just don’t exist! Sure, there are swords that give various +1 bonuses to various things, but none of the owners would dare walk into a shop and say, “I have this very nice +1 sword that I want to sell.” I’m not saying they wouldn’t sell their magic items, but the players of Legends would have always used the name of the items that it had earned, or that they had come up with or that I had provided for them. I whole-heartedly agree with everything said in this post, and I highly recommend you check it out.