Friday Five: 2010-01-01

This week’s Friday Five is the first of the year, and a day late. I’d like to claim hangover or some other ailment as an excuse for the tardy posting, but the fact is that I joined a new RPG group last night and things went really really well. I was so jazzed about the new group that I didn’t have the time or thought to do the posting.

So, without further delay, here is the Friday Five:

Greatest Hits 2009: I’m Your Cleric, Not Your Bitch!

The title of this post is good enough to link to just for the fun of it. I love this title, and I love the article even more because it brings up some intra-party conflict between the tanks that absorb the damage and the healers that keep the wounded from becoming resurrection fodder.

D&D World Building Week, Part I: Concepts
D&D World Building Week, Part II: Cartography and Conflicts
D&D World Building Week, Part III: History
D&D World Building Week, Part IV: Culture

The last four links for this week are from The RPG Athenaeum, and they are the best four articles that I’ve seen in a long time on world building. There are major sections of books and even some entire books on the topic, and I’ve not seen anything better than the advice given on this blog. I hope the series continues and maintains the fine standards that they have held themselves up to. If you’re interested in starting your own fantasy world for any reason, check out what these guys have to say.