Friday Five: 2010-01-08

World Building Week, Part V:Involving the Heroes and Tracking Growth

This is the last installment of the world building series over at RPG Athenaeum. This post involves the players more than the others because it’s taking the character backgrounds and merging them in with the existing world. This is the most treacherous part of the process because all of the GM’s well-laid plans may unravel at the introduction of a strange background from a player.

Gears of Ruin: Party Creation Session Template

Lots of my posts and links are about world building. It’s just what I’m interested in and fascinated by. This link, however, is just as important. It’s about building good groups. Without good party cohesion, the group will fall away into inner-party violence, bickering and possible PvP action. Unless you’re playing Paranoia, this is rarely what a group or GM is looking for.

Haunted House: 4 Tips To Terrify Your Players

In the past, I’ve only had one GM that truly scared me while in the game. I’m not talking about fear for my personal being, but fear for my character. To clarify further, I’m not talking about character loss to death or dismemberment. I’m talking about true fear of what my character was going to encounter next. Jim was a master at this type of setting, and it was only fitting that he would only run the game if we were in Ravenloft. I remember having nightmares about the NPCs my character met during the course of the game. If you want to instill this type of reaction into your player base, then check out these four tips over at Dungeon Mastering.

Why Do You Love Game Mastering?

I’m primarily a GM. I always have been. Sure, I go through phases where I do nothing but act as a player, but I’m almost always looking at the game from the GM’s point of view. It’s just in my nature. I guess it comes from years and years where I was the only person with all of the rule books and the only person with the desire to absorb them and put them into play. For Martin’s reasons on why he loves being a GM, check out the link. I may post next week my reasons for being a GM and why I love it so much. Look for it!

The Lost Art of Running Away

Ahhh… Running away. It is a lost art form. With all of the mathematical formulas for generating encounters these days, it seems rare for a group of PCs to be outclassed by the monsters they encounter. When this does happen, they are generally so shocked by the fact that running away seems to be the last thing on their minds. They’re always looking for an “out” or a “secret weakness” in the Bad Guy or something similar. Sometimes, it’s just good sense to run away from an encounter. It happens to the best of a group of characters.