Friday Five: 2010-01-15

Cooperate with the bad guys? Sometimes, it’s the only way

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This is a long-lived axiom, and I’m not sure of the source. Probably Sun Tzu or someone like that. I don’t have time to research it at the moment (but leave a comment if you know the source!) Sometimes things get so horribly bad that the PCs are forced to turn to someone who would normally be considered an enemy in order to defeat a greater evil. I’ve personally had a Cleric of Bahamut turn from the Platinum Dragon in favor of demonic allies in order to gain greater powers to attempt to overthrow an evil emperor and his countless inquisitors.

The Issue of Game Balance

I’m a huge fan of game balance. In the RPG that I’ve worked on in the past and will work on again in the future (once a year-long non-compete contract expires), I’ve written software to generate spreadsheets to guarantee that a game system I had in mind was balanced. No, the system is not that complex, but the math behind the system (think binomial distributions, ugh) is that complex. The players will never see my code, my spreadsheets or all of my work in a direct manner. However, in having a balanced and well-oiled system, they will see benefits.

It’s The End of the World Charlie Brown – Gaming With The Apocalypse In Mind

There certainly different phases to the end of the world, and I hadn’t thought them all through. However, John over at Gnome Stew has thought things through quite well. If you’re planning on ending (or drastically changing) your gaming world, then I would highly suggest reading his post to see what he has to say on the matter. It may change how you approach things.

City-State of the Invicible Twelve-Year Old

I’m linking to this post because I love the photos of the map that are included in the post. This is a great first effort for building a city, and I greatly admire the effort that went into making such a huge and detailed map. No, it’s really not all that pretty, but it’s definitely inspired work. Go spend a moment to check it out.

Addressing Your Weaknesses (Part 2)

I must have missed Part 1 of this post somewhere along the way, but I love what Ameron has to say about playing characters with low mental stats. It’s a great post, and if you have a character with these token weaknesses, then you may find some great role playing opportunities in his words.