Friday Five: 2010-01-22

This week’s Friday Five is a day late. I spent my writing time yesterday downloading my huge bundle of goodness from DriveThruStuff for my $20 donation to Doctors Without Borders. If you haven’t heard about it yet, then check out this link.

Use PC Backgrounds as a Roadmap for Campaign Design

I love it when players write backgrounds for their characters. I love it so much that I provide in-game bonuses for people that give me good backgrounds. It usually comes in the manner of free XP to start with, so the character starts at level 2 or 3. It might be in the form of a magic item to start with or something like that. You never know what I might give out. It all depends on what I can use out of the background to make the game/campaign better. The post over at Gnome Stew echoes my sentiments on using character backgrounds for the betterment of the game.

Railroading in a Good Way

Railroading good? I scoff! Then I read the post, and I kind of agree with it. If you’re firmly in the camp that railroading is a Bad Thing for any game, I dare you to go over to Critical Hits and see if your mind is changed just a little bit.

But My HMO Doesn’t Cover Procedure to Remove Curse!

The title of this post over at The Bone Scroll made me laugh for quite a long time. Then I read the post and found more laughter about a serious topic. What if HMOs ran the temples and clerics of the world? I shudder at the thought, but it’s still a great concept to use for an urban fantasy setting.

Eight Rules That Will Make You A Better DM

I’m always looking for tips to make me a better DM and the folks over at Dungeon’ have eight simple rules to follow to get on the right road to better GMing.

My Favourite PC Travel Game: Campfire Chats

I’ve always hated hand waving travel time because it robs the players of a chance to earn more XP for their characters. I’ve equally hated the random encounters that serve no purpose other than to pad the XP box on the PCs character sheets. The campfire chats idea over at Campaign Mastery is one of the better ideas I’ve ever heard of for passing the time without forcing the PCs into a fight every third day of travel.