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When running my longest running Cyberpunk campaign for J.J., Vince, Ron and Justin back in the 1990s, Justin wanted to play an archer-type character. His character concept was one that despised guns, but he didn’t want to limit himself to just plain old arrows. Fancy, high-tech arrows didn’t exist in the game, so we came up with a handful of them. We had ones that used laser guidance from his cyber eye to give him an increased chance to hit. Others were tipped with explosives, acid vials, electrical shocks, EMP blasters and more. I remember having tons of fun with Justin in coming up with the arrows because he was very stern with himself at not destroying the game balance. There were a few that may have tipped the scales too far into his favor, but I like the concept behind the arrows. I would let him have the arrows, but at an outrageous price. I remember that he would save his Euros and NewYen in order to afford just one or two of these very powerful items.

My message to all players and GMs out there: work with each other.

As a GM allow your players to have fun with their characters, but don’t let a player use his character to overshadow everyone else. That drains the fun out of the game for the rest of the group, and this is a group effort after all.

As a player, ask for what will make your character more fun to play, but don’t try to steal the spotlight from everyone else. Yes, a character needs to shine, but he needs to do so alongside everyone else. If you come up with a great idea, try to ask for it in a manner that will not force the GM to say no, but don’t corner the GM and force him to say yes either.

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  1. Sean Holland Feb 2,2010 5:52 AM

    Exactly, the players and GM should be working together to build a fun play experience for all. And every character should have their chance to shine. Characters with odd signature quirks, like a bow in cyberpunk, just make those moments so much more interesting.

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