Friday Five: 2010-02-26

I apologize for missing the Tales from the Table and Adventure Hooks for the past couple of weeks. Life has seriously caught up to me, and I’ll honestly say that this blog is the lowest of all of my priorities. I hope that things will lighten up in the near future to allow me to return to my regular posting duties here.

Without any further delay, here’s my Friday Five for this week:

6 D&D Convention Tips for Players
6 D&D Convention Tips for DMs

These two links go together because, well, they just do. Here are 12 great tips (6 per side of the GM screen) on how to be a better player/GM at a convention. Honestly, I think all of these tips apply to all RPG situations, not just the helter-skelter-paced gaming sessions you find at conventions.

Couple of neat finds…

NewbieDM was kind enough to find some precious gems on the ‘Net for all of us to use, and I felt like they should game more exposure through linking to them. Go check his site for the neatness that he found.

World Building 101: Here There be Dragons…

I love the series of articles about world building that D20 Source has been publishing and I hope they continue. This one is about mapping and the logistics involved in creating quality maps. I’m not talking about artistic ability, using a CAD-based piece of software or a hex-mapper. I’m talking about how to logically place things next to each other and in relation to one another. No mountain (other than maybe a magically created one) stands alone and is there just because it is. There are always reasons for mountains to exist, and those reasons usually change the surrounding terrain for hundreds of miles.

Ashes to Ashes, Death to Life

Scott Wallace has some interesting thoughts on bringing characters back to life and how it’s usually done in a fantasy setting. I found the read quite enjoyable and I think you will to. Go check it out.