Adventure Hook: Zombieland 2

I watched Zombieland on Monday night, and it really inspired me to run a game in that setting. I know that many people would see the iconic pose captures as a graphic novel snippet, but when I saw the various encounters the characters went through, I found them to be more role playing related than graphic novel related. The four main characters were definitely a role playing group drawn together by common goals, and they were so distinct and different that I could see individual influences on their creation, just like PCs in a typical role playing game.

There were a plethora of skills and backgrounds used in the movie. Most of the skill checks seemed to be combat related, which fit wonderfully with a role playing session. While we all enjoy making a group, interacting with NPCs (go Bill Murray!) and having those simple conversations while on long trips, most role playing sessions seem to revolve around the next fight. In the movie’s case, the fights were wonderfully done, and I wonder if there’s going to be a sequel to the movie. It was just done so perfectly that I could see a second one coming about in the near future.

Now, the quandary I have is this one: What system to use? I really don’t like d20. I never have. Not enough skills to pick from. D&D 4e is obviously out without massive modifications and at that point, you may as well make your own system. This leaves some modern and/or generic systems to use. I could see Top Secret S/I as a possible game system. GURPS and Hero are in the mix as well. I could even see MechWarrior being used, but retrofitted to make it work in a modern world. Twilight 2000 anyone? That would most certainly fit, I think.

What about the folks out there? Gaming system recommendations for Zombieland?

PS: I know this isn’t a true adventure hook, but I was so, well, hooked by the movie that it seemed to fit for a post along these lines. If you’re curious about the plot, scenes and world of the movie, I highly recommend going to see it. Just keep the children away from it. It’s way to gory, gritty, realistic and adult for the wee ones.

2 thoughts on “Adventure Hook: Zombieland

  1. DeadGod Mar 4,2010 4:41 PM

    There is always All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

    Although my dream is to some day get players interested in playing a zombie scenario using the Morrow Project rules. 🙂

  2. Hungry Mar 4,2010 4:53 PM

    I had forgotten about All Flesh Must Be Eaten! I’ve never managed to pick up a copy, but I have flipped through it in my FLGS. I may have to check that out if my group gives me the OK to run a dark, dirty and humorous game of zombie slaying!

    Thanks, DeadGod.

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