Friday Five: 2010-03-05

Losing Control

Mike makes some great points in his post about rules, rulings, control of the situation and what it takes to have a little fun at the table. It’s hard to summarize what he said without repeating his words, so I’ll just encourage you to visit Sly Flourish and check it out.

Idea Paralysis

The post over at The Spirits of Eden asks a great question, “How do you come up with your next campaign idea?” The post made me consider how I come up with my campaign ideas, and some of the comments to the very short post are worthy of checking out as well.

Dungeon Design 101

Daniel LeBlanc’s guest post over at Dungeon Mastering has a great system for coming up with dungeons and their designs. Yes, there are some random elements in there, but I’m OK with that. Usually, I have a point to each dungeon, and I design around that point, but I leave out the “extras” that could make things just that much more fun. This method will help introduce those extra elements and make things more fun for my players.

Worth More Than Gold

I’ve really never been a huge fan of the CP/SP/EP/GP/PP method of doing banking in D&D. I accept it because it’s an easy system. There are many better systems out there that more accurately reflect history and modern times. I won’t beat you over the head with the details here since the crew from The Bone Scroll has already done such a great job explaining different methods of doing coins.

The Evolution of the Dungeon Encounter

Wimwick’s opening “scene’ to this blog post made me laugh so hard my co-workers thought I had lost what little of my mind I have left. Even if you only read the italicized opening, do yourself a favor and head over to see what is said about designing better dungeon encounters.