Adventure Hook: Red Dawn

I just picked up a replacement copy of the core Twilight 2000 book at a used RPG shop last week and it got me to thinking about scenarios in which the system could be used. After thinking about and rejecting several ideas, I came back to a classic movie: Red Dawn. If you’re not sure what the movie is all about, then follow the link and read up on it. I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.

As a twist on things, I would make the PCs as full-blown adults with military training cut off from their unit(s) and they encounter the Wolverines (the teenagers) as NPCs. I can see it being lots of fun with the “grizzled war vet” having to learn the local hidey holes and mountain routes from the “snot nosed kids” of the area. The role playing possibilities are endless from this point of view.

What do you guys think? Would Twilight 2000 (or its recent incarnation Twilight 2013) work well in the Red Dawn setting?