Friday Five: 2010-03-12

Beyond the Module

As a GM, I love running modules. It frees my creative juices up from plot, story and making encounters and allows me to concentrate on the interactions between the NPCs, PCs, environment and areas. However, there are times when the goals of the PCs do not coincide with the current adventure, or they take a left turn out of the module and things go wonky. Go check and see what Krystal has to say on the topic. Her writings echo my sentiments on the matter.

Ask The GMs: Penetrating the veil of mystery

Ever read a well written mystery and think it would be a great role playing session? Think again. It’s hard to do a mystery when there are 4-6 other people sitting around the table helping you mold the story. There are some tips and tricks to pulling it off, though. Go see what the GMs Mike and Johnn have to say on the matter.

Johnny’s Five – Five Tips For Tweaking Your Gaming Space (Plus one frigging awesome link)
Two years later…

Double-link goodness! Having a good gaming environment is crucial to keeping a session flowing smoothly. It has to be well lit, comfortable, have lots of table space, provide good seating and other factors. John, over at Gnome Stew, has five great tips on setting up a gaming environment. He also included a link (the second one above) to a forum posting with lots of images of what has to be, without argument, the best role playing environment ever. If you don’t have time for the Gnome Stew article, at least do yourself a favor and check out the images of the game room.

Savage Accessories

If you’re ever going to run Savage Worlds (or are currently running an SW game) then do yourself a favor and see what Telas over at Gnome Stew has to say on the prep, the play and the aftermath of a Savage Worlds game.

Beginner’s Guide To Homebrewing

This caught my eye because I do two types of homebrewing. The first is the beer kind, and I love it as a hobby. The second is the role playing kind, and I love creating my own systems, worlds, environments, maps, NPCs, organizations, cities, countries, etc. etc. etc. Scott has some great advice that I highly recommend for anyone attempting to start their own world instead of using a pre-published setting.