Adventure Hook: Free-for-all

A bored minor noble (or councilman or other government leader depending on your time period)  with too much time and money/gold/euros/credits on his hands hires a wide variety of groups of people to rescue his kidnapped daughter. There are some catches, though. First, his daughter is safe and sound at home; the entire thing is a ruse. Second, he doesn’t want the authorities involved for the usual kidnapping reasons. Thirdly, the group can’t expose the “secret of the kidnapping” to any third parties for fear they will go to the police. Lastly, each group hired (the PCs being on of the groups) does not know of the other groups and are given different hints and clues as to the last known location of the supposedly kidnapped daughter.

Each group is paid half the funds up front and will receive the other half when the daughter is found…

The noble with the “missing” daughter has agents setup all over town and reads/watches reports/videos from the agents at regular intervals and laughs at the hilarity of it all. Eventually, he’ll become bored again and will start dropping hints to some of the groups that other groups has his daughter. This will pit the groups (and the PCs) against each other until someone finally figures out what is going on and the survivors turn against the crazed, yet still bored, man.