Friday Five: 2010-04-02

The Friday Five for this week is a day late. I had a large mid-term paper come due, and all of my writing time went into that. Enough with the excuses…. It’s time for the Friday Five!

Learning To Play New Games

I love learning new system. They expand my horizons and help me play the games that I always seem to fall back to. However, picking up a new game with a foreign system is always a daunting task. The folks over at The Spirits of Eden have some great advice on how to learn a new system. I’m definitely going to apply their techniques on the next new system I pick up.

Retcon Rightly

Going back and changing past events is usually the arena of authors rewriting and revising their novels and short stories. However, it can be done in a game, but it has to be done the right way. Go see what Johnn has to say on the matter.

How To Be An Effective Dungeon Master

Ahh… The wonderful words of the late, great Gygax. NewbieDM stumbled across some of his writings, and did us all the favor of sharing them. I would highly recommend seeing what Gygax thought of GMing back in the day. Much of what he has to say still holds true today.

You Don’t Have The Industry Without The Hobby

The industry of RPGs started out as a hobby and bloomed from there. The hobby of gaming is still the solid foundation of the industry. RPG Blog II has some great insight and wonderful words on the topic. I wholeheartedly agree with everything said there, and instead of repeating it all in my own words, I’ll just let you click the link and follow things up.

World Building 101: This One’s For the Players

It is true that a vast majority of the world building that has to be done is done by the GM. This is an immutable fact. However, the players outnumber the GMs (most of the time) and they have some level of responsibility in helping build the world. This can come in the form of well written character backgrounds, assisting the GM in building the world and making things up on the fly (with the GMs permission.) Some of the best games I have run in the past had a high level of player involvement.