Friday Five: 2010-06-04 1

This was a great week for RPG blogging and I had a hard time narrowing things down to just five posts. Here they are!

Torturing Player Characters

What happens when the good guys want (or think they need) to stoop to the lower levels of morality and torture someone? Well…. lots it turns out, even if they’re not a paladin or someone with a code of honor to uphold.

When Players Cheat

Urgh. I hate it when players feel the need to cheat. I’ve destroyed greater men for lesser offenses. Fortunately, now that I’m not playing with high school kids anymore, this is a very rare occurrence. If it does happen, here are some good tips for you.

Magic Item Side Quest

I love this idea! I’ve used it before and it works really well. Though, it wasn’t a “I wish I had this item, let’s go get it” type of quest. I called them “prequel adventures” where we took the character as he stood at first level and ran him through a solo adventure when the rest of the group could not make it. The reward was always some fancy, yet minor, magic item that the character got to keep. It helped make each character unique and they all held on to their items because they had earned them the hard way.

What inspires your games?

This post is all about cartoon inspiring games. While this may be great for Johnn, it doesn’t work for me. Mainly because I despise cartoon with a passion, but that’s a story for another time. My inspiration comes from books that I read, adventures that I skim for nuggets of goldenness, listening to my players (mainly listening to them talk to each other about the game) and some movies. What inspires you? Maybe Johnn’s thoughts on the matter will help you focus your search for those great “Ah Ha!” moments.

First Time GM: Looking for Group

I hate finding new groups. Moving, losing friends to them moving, changing jobs or just plain having a group fall apart sucks. However, there are things that can be done to make the process easier. Go see what Telas has to say on the matter. Maybe he’ll help you out with his post.

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  1. Ben. Jun 8,2010 6:22 PM

    Thank you for the nod, sir! Hopefully you get the chance to offer the torturer’s tools to your party… 😉


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