Sunday Seven: 2010-06-13

As promised, here is the Sunday Seven.

4 Best Ways To Handle Town Guards

Town guards are (or in most civilized areas should be) everywhere, but how to handle them? Follow the link to find out!

Running A Minimal Prep Game

I’m the type of person that runs one of two games. I either have every last detail prepped, noted, memorized and planned out… or I run by the seat of my pants. I’ll admit that the improv game is more fun for me than any planned game. What happens if you’re somewhere in between, though?

Google Calendar As Awesome Campaign Calendar

I had never thought of using Google Calendar to do an in-game calendar. That’s an awesome idea. I just wonder how I can import my current calendar generator software and it’s moon phases and such into Google Calendar? I wonder if there’s an API I could call? If you’re not going that far into it, using Google to track in-game events sounds like a grand idea!

The Cost of Grit in your Game

I just love critical hit/miss charts and all of the fun that goes into them. It adds so much more flavor to the game. Unnatural 20 has one for you that’ll knock your socks off if you’re into that type of things.

A couple of more neat finds…

Here’s some link salad from Newbie DM that tastes great and is good for your RPG waistline. Go check them out!

The DM Should Utilize Help From Peasants

This article from Krystal says up front that the GM should recruit the other players to help the game run more smoothly. I’m 100% in favor of this and already leverage this to its greatest when I can. The GM already has so much to do, that any little bit that can be farmed out to the players is beneficial.

World Building 101 – Choices and Player Agency

I love it when players contribute to my world-building efforts. Yes, my world is very detailed and well fleshed out already, but there’s no way I can think of everything on my own. While I did add a couple of minotaur-ruled nations to the world, one of my players came up with the concept that all of the rulers suffer from albinism and he wanted to be part of that ruling class. The idea was so cool, I let him do it. When possible, don’t just limit your players to helping you out when it comes to the crunch (like tracking initiative) but also with the fluff (like adding details to your world.)