Friday Five: 2010-06-18

DM Advice: Contention At The Table

We all get together to role play to enjoy the gamin and camaraderie involved, but there are times when things get heated around the table. There are ways to deal with this heat, up to and including taking time to cool off. Mike Shea over at Sly Flourish has some great advice on how to bring the heat down to a simmer.

How To Be A Confident GM, Part 1

Confidence is one of the key factors in running a good game. If you don’t have confidence in your abilities to be a GM, then neither will your players and the quality of the game will suffer for it. Go see what Johnn has to say on the matter, and it just may help you improve your GMing skills.

Fear and Loathing in the Forgotten Realms

Even the mightiest adventuring warrior fears something. It’s just a matter of finding the right stimuli and having the player go with it. Role playing fear is hard when the player is sitting in a comfortable chair, eating a hamburger, drinking Mt. Dew and hanging out with his best friends. Here’s some advice on how to turn up the fear in a game and have your players still enjoy it.

Avoiding The Total Party Kill

Whether you are a GM or a player, there are ways to avoid the dreaded TPK. There are different approaches between the two sides of the screen, but they are equally important. Go see what Wimwick has to say on the matter.

“Inns” and Outs

Ahh… The inns of a town seem to be the refuge of all adventuring parties. Since they spend so much time in them, liven them up and make them a place worth remembering. You need more than just a slick name and a menu to set the atmosphere, though.