Friday Five: 2010-07-16 — Double Stacked Edition! 1

I know I usually only post five links, but I’m giving everyone a double dose for this week. It was such a great week in RPG blogging that I had no choice but to include ten links for today. Enjoy!

2E “Remake” in the Works

The post at Grognardia about Realms of Eternal Epic made me very happy. I cut my teeth on the box set D&D RPGs, but I really came into my own as a quality player and game master in 2nd edition AD&D (though 1st edition AD&D is still my favorite flavor of D&D.) Seeing that someone is bringing 2nd edition back around in a new format makes me giddy beyond all counting. I hope they are quite successful in their venture, and I know I’ll be keeping tabs on their progress.

5 Things Driving Across the Country Taught Me About DMing

I would never think that driving across country could inspire so many thoughts about running games. Looks like I was wrong on that account. Go see what Hannah has to say on the matter. There’s some really good stuff in there!

Hot Button: Player Characters Should Never Be Killed

Bah. PCs should die and die lots… ok… Maybe not “lots,” but the threat of death should be ever present. There should be no holds barred on killing people that do stupid things, run into overly dangerous situations or that just have a long string of bad luck that offs them. That’s my two cents on the matter. It looks like Martin over at Gnome Stew disagrees with me quite a bit… or does he?

3 Popular Campaign Types

The folks over at Dungeon Mastering have a great breakdown of the three basic types of campaigns that exist. They can be Epic, Regional or Penny-Ante. I think that’s a great summary of all of the games that I’ve run or playing in. Of course, they go into much more detail than I just did, so go check them out.

What if, when civilization was first forming…

ChicagoWiz has some interesting random thoughts on the start of a world and primitive cultures. There’s not much substance in the post, but the thought lines are deep and should be carefully considered. I like the questions he asks. If you’re making a world for an RPG, then there are some questions in there you should be asking yourself.

Confessions of a D&D Camp Councilor

Where was D&D Camp when I was a kid?!?!? Well… Probably in Lake Geneva, honestly. Somewhere far, far away from the desert plains that I called home when I was a child. I had to link to this post because it’s a great story and very intriguing to me. Maybe my son will get into RPGs and want to go to D&D camp. Maybe I can be a councilor when that time comes? Hrmm….

Dungeons & Dragons Chartistry

Ever wanted to see how various “bloodlines” merged and diverged over the decades when it comes to RPGs and gaming? Well, James has a fantastic “family tree” chart that he put together on how games evolved up until 1991. I wish it carried on to modern times, but the early 90s were insane for the number of RPG systems that were spawned, so I’m not surprised he stopped there.

Seven ways to Spice up Your Treasure
Seven More ways to Spice up Your Treasure

These two go together. I know that I’m going to take all 14 points that they brought up and incorporate them into the way I handle treasure. I was already doing some of these to a good extent and most of them to a minor extent, but the over effect of using all 14 tips will make things much better for my games.

Defining Importance, Making Sure The Things You Want To Be Remembered About Your Game Are

Add some importance to items, places, things, objects and people in your game using these 5 tips. They’re simple, straightforward and easy to use. Go do it!

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    Thanks for the links!

    I’m not sure if D&D camp would have been better than normal camp when I was a kid — at least normal camp got me outside. 😉

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