Friday Five: 2010-08-06

I know there’s six links in today’s post, but two of them go together, so there’s really only five if you squint and turn your head sideways…

Using the 3 Act Structure in your D&D game

I’d never considered doing something like this to any campaign I’ve run. I’ve been in (and helped produce) many three-act-plays in my days as a youth. I’ll have to step back from my usual linear (with some sandbox) campaign ideas and see what I can come up with for future campaign designs. Maybe it’ll work for me, or maybe it won’t. It’s still worth consideration. Thanks, NewbieDM!

The Dungeon-Crawler’s Creed

D20 Source has a fantastic Dungeon-Crawler’s Creed, which I believe is taken from the United States Marine Corps. Regardless of the source of the original version, this is a great (and humorous) creed!

One Awesome Dungeon Generator
Superb Dungeon Generator

CHECK THIS OUT. This is one of the best online dungeon generators I’ve ever seen. I hope this site stays online for a long time to come. Here’s the direct link to the generator.

There’s a new Player at your Table

So if you invite a new player to join an existing group, there are many things that you can do to ensure they will be very likely to return to the group. Go see what Scott has on the matter because I can’t sum it up any better than he’s already said it.

Scared of DMing in the dark?

Darkness. It’s something that we’re all inherently afraid of on some level. Many of us handle it better than others, but not everyone can choke down the absence of light without breaking into tears. If your adventuring group is in a darkened area and not really twitching all that much, then go see what Krystal has to say on the matter. Her advice may just shake things up enough to bring some true horror into your game.