Friday Five: 2010-08-13

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve been noticing that I’ve been late on my Friday Five posts. Sorry about that, but work’s been kicking my rear for several weeks now and there’s no end in sight. I’ll try to do better in the future…

First Time GM – Game Prep I – Overview

There are many facets to prepping for a game, and some of them can bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. You have to prioritize things and avoid time wasters. What are those priorities? Well, it’s different for each person, but the time wasters are pretty much the same. Go check out what Telas has to say over at Gnome Stew.

Action Trumps Description

There are tons of ways to hand over information to players, but nothing will bring a game to a halt faster than a long dissertation on the history, details, relations or other methods of sharing your “brilliance” with the players. Keep the action high and merge in the descriptive details with the action pieces. It works well, and is a technique that I use quite often.

Mazes and Puzzles

I loved the old days of spending hours and hours in a maze with random critters placed in random places with a million traps to overcome. It was amazing. If you want to see the Bonemaster reminisce on the same thing, then follow the link.

World Building 101: That’s No Moon

What’s in the sky? Sun, moon, stars, more? These are vital details for any world. Most people concentrate on what lies beneath the boots of the adventurers, but it’s so important about the phases of the moons (or single moon) because battles and travel at night require light. As the GM, you need to know how which phases the moon(s) are in at all times and the phases have to make sense for the world. Also, don’t forget about lycanthropes for the fantasy settings. Moonlight really makes a difference for were-critters. There are more details over at D20 Source, so go check it out.

The DM Is The Key

The most important person at a role playing table is the GM. Period. Full Stop. I’m not trying to stroke the egos of the full-time GMs out there, but it’s just a fact. If the GM falls flat, then the rest of the group has a really hard time keep the spirit of the game up. There is some really well-established advice at Wimwick’s post as well as some new stuff to learn from.