Free RPG Day: Abominations of the Amazon

The adventure, “Abominations of the Amazon,” written by Mike Ferguson and produced by Goodman Games is a decent introduction to the system of Call of Cthulhu, but the adventure does require the core book to run properly. It’s a great way to introduce players to the system, but not new game masters. I found myself wondering how various rules worked and such, and felt like I needed the main book in my hands to run the game properly. I’ve played in a CoC game in the distant past, but never run it. I suppose if I were more familiar with the game, then the adventure would have flowed better for me.Free RPG Day 2010 -- Age of Cthulhu

Aside from the lack of knowledge on my part, the adventure read very smoothly, was very well laid out and had some excellent maps and handouts to go with it. I could see this being run in a night or two and possibly hooking some players to the system.

My chief complaint is that the “horror” of the adventure was purely mechanical. There wasn’t much in the descriptions, box text or overall game that invoked the raw terror one feels when reading an H.P. Lovecraft story. It makes me wonder how much Lovecraft Mr. Ferguson has read in the recent past and if he wanted to apply any of that reading to the adventure. I just feel that a greater sense of terror invoked in the players not the characters could have been useful in setting the mood. Maybe that’s just me.

Grade: B+