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I’m actually on time with this post for the first time in three weeks! I’m barely under the midnight deadline, though.

Cheap Alternatives to Miniatures

Tired of shelling out good money for pre-painted miniatures or spending hours painting them yourself (but still spending a good chunk of dough?) Make some pogs! The idea originally came from NewbieDM, but it’s worth linking to again.

Risk and Reward In Gaming

Should RPGs be very hard, very easy or somewhere in-between? I’m all for the in-between. Some things provide a great reward, so they should hold great risks. However, pushing the players to the edge because their characters are performing mundane actions is just plain ridiculous. Find a happy medium, I say.

Adventure Builder Workshop: The Villain

How do you build a good villain? Well, entire books in the fiction writing arena have been dedicated to this large facet of quality writing. The same truths that hold for novels carries into the world of RPGs. Wimwick gives some good pointers and covers the basics. If you can’t afford the time/effort/cash for a full book on making villains, at least take the time to check out his post.

Add Immediately, Build Later: A Wiki Approach to Prep

Ah… Wikis. They’re wonderful things for capturing spur of the moment ideas and quick thoughts. I’ve used one for building my world and it worked really, really well. I could simply insert a linked idea and then come back to it later to drop some notes. Then, still later, I’d return to the skeleton of the page and add enough flesh to the bones to make the idea burst to life. It’s a wonderful way to track your ideas, thoughts, campaign notes and other goodies. However, if you’re going to be putting GM-only notes, make sure you password protect the page(s) or the entire site.

Character Creation Tips – D&D The Next Generation

This post is very close Deb Dixon’s fantastic book called, “Goal, Motivation, Conflict” which is one of the cornerstones of creating good characters in a novel (sense a theme with this post?) and it also works well for creating RPG characters (NPC and PC.) You need to setup the character’s goals (short and long term), their motivations to accomplish those goals, and what conflict (internal and external) that is keeping the character from getting to his or her goals. It’s a great formula, and I stand by it in my fiction writing and my role playing.

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