Friday Five: 2010-10-01

The Dungeon Crawl Checklist

The campaign that I’m currently running is about to enter “dungeon crawl mode” per request from players because they haven’t done that in a long time. Neither have I, for that matter. The checklist given by Matthew over at Gnome Stew was perfectly timed (and perfectly written) for me. Thanks, Matthew! I can’t wait until next weekend when I get to put your words into action.

Five Tips for New Dungeon Masters

I love these posts. I can learn a little tid-bit of knowledge from each of these. They’re wonderful. Rule #5 is the best, though. Always remember that it’s a game and it should be fun for all involved.

Game Master Tool Illustrated: Plot Flowcharts

Ahh… More flowcharts. We covered this topic a few weeks ago with another Friday Five, so I won’t rehash what I said there. I’m just happy to see that someone else thought of mind mapping for coming up with adventures and campaign ideas. Excellent post by Johnn.

Muses on the Role of Dice

What do dice mean to you? Are they mystical entities out there to ruin (or better) your life or are they just tiny pieces of hard plastic? For me, they’re somewhere in-between. I love the feel of dice in my hands. They always take me back to when I was ten years old and discovered that polyhedrons can come with more than just six sides. I love my dice almost always, but they turn fickle on me (see? they’re mystical!) then I hate them with a passion and fling them across the room. When I come to my senses, I go searching for them, pick them up and apologize to them in hopes that they will forgive my outburst and start rolling better for me.

The Architect DM: Fantasy Buildings 101

Where do all of the NPCs in the world live, eat, drink and do business? In buildings, of course! The important aspects of architecture need to be taken into account when it comes to laying out a city or town. Don’t make the church the smallest building in town unless the religion(s) it represents have fallen into disfavor or there are no priests locally to collect tithes to build a larger church. Every little detail you drop to your players is important and they will latch on to the strangest of things and the tiniest of details (or slip ups.) The article over at Critical Hits will help you keep things straight about your buildings.