Friday Five: 2010-10-08

Interviewing Potential Players

We’ve all had to add new players to an existing group. It’s usually a painless process, but it can lead to lots of heart-wrenching, gut-dropping ideas about how horrible the player is going to be. I’m always nervous when an unknown quantity enters my gaming because I usually like it the way it is. Having said that, I’ve rarely had a bad experience. Sure, I’ve had them, but the good experiences far outweigh the bad. To help avoid the bad and get more of the good, Johnn has some very good tips on how to go about interviewing new players.

Hot Button: Magic – Mechanical or McGuffin
Ever run into a situation where you setup a challenge and the players’ powers override your challenge? Yeah. Me too. It happens to the best of us. Is it avoidable? Maybe. Check out the post by Mr. Arcadian for more info.

World Building 101: The Problem with Diseases
Brandan has a great post about diseases and the havoc they can cause on your party. I personally (as a player and GM) like diseases because they offer up more challenges to the players beyond the simple attack/damage routine that seems to dominate most games.

A short Rant on Genres Covered By Role-Playing Games
Why is it that people think of fantasy games when it comes to RPGs? Why are the other genres left out in the cold? I think it might be because the fantasy genre offers a vast array of things to do that real life people never will be able to do. Cyberpunk is becoming more and more real every day. This falls true for space opera, spy thrillers and mysteries. The Bonemaster has his own rant on the topic, that I found quite amusing and enlightening.

Adventure Hook: The Metamorphosis Curse

I don’t know if I’m too keen on the idea of forcing a player into another race that they didn’t want to play. I know that if my dwarven barbarian were to be transformed into a pixie, I’d be quite upset. The traditional reincarnation spell is one thing, but a curse? I’m not sure I like this, but I’m still linking to the post because it gave me food for thought. It’s a good post.